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Produced with Google Spotlight Stories, The Simpsons couch gag, “Planet of the Couches,” is available on both Android and iOS to celebrate the 600th episode of the TV series.
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Matt Groening, James Brooks, Matt Selman, Denise Sirkot, and other longtime Simpsons contributors give a speech at the release party for The Simpsons Game on October 30, 2007.

Fun fact: I was there! Along with Jeremy, who recorded this video, Jeff, and Kiyosuki (can't remember your non-board name, sorry!) We were all invited by EA to fly down to LA for the party. Here's us after drunkenly stumbling up to Matt Groening to ask for a photo.

(I traded my promo T-shirt to someone to get her to take this picture.)

And a few more pictures. Thanks to Jeff for actually remembering to bring along a camera!

Here I am in the 'awkward photo with a booth girl' pose.

With Dom and Alex from EA marketing, the folks who flew us in for the event. Thanks again, guys!

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