Howdy, I'm Noiselandco aka Vic. I work on all kinds of stuff. I'm here because if I don't archive these things... well, some other nerd will do it, but I've been at it since 2002 so there's a whole lot here.

Drop a note, say hello: noiselandco at gmail dot com

Past Designs

A blast from the Internet past! Version 1.0 (creatively titled "The Simpsons Video Game Site") was a thing that I made in Microsoft FrontPage and is now lost to the sands of the Internet.

Version 2.0
Version 3.0
Version 4.0
Version 5.0
Version 6.0
Version 2018

The Story

It was late 1996, probably sometime in March. I was a young and impressionable kid in a middle school club that taught students about the business world, and we were all lucky enough to go on a field trip to a little place called Film Roman Animation. It was a typical office building, real flat and generally boring. But inside was a different story. The entire bottom floor of this building was HQ for the animation team of The Simpsons! There were dozens of cubicles, each one occupied by an animator doing their animation thing. (Later the next year I actually recognized an episode from the work I saw in those cubicles!) The rest of the tour consisted of several offices of the folks in charge (all covered in strange posters and NAKED people, cool), and we got to watch Treehouse of Horror VI (the one where Homer goes into 3D world). Then, we went to Shakeys Pizza. Overall, it was one of the best days of my childhood.

Now fast-forward to January 2002 when I began work on my first video game guide for Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, which I originally posted to GameFAQs. It was the first of nearly 40 guides that I wrote for Simpsons games and my first experience "working" with video games.

Finally, about this site. Around the same period in 2002 I discovered a place called Noiseland Arcade created by Simon Lau, and I was inspired to create my own Simpsons video game site just like it. I went through all sorts of revisions and free hosts until I finally bit the bullet and set up my own place.

It's been some years and the site was down for a decade until I resurrected this place in March 2018. During that silent period I was in the midst of a video game career that started in 2004 and it's led to some of the best experiences and travels of my life, and I credit it all to this hobby. I even got to work on The Simpsons Game and attend the launch party in 2007!

My latest efforts resulted in the project I'd been dreaming about since 2002: Bart vs. My Hopes & Dreams, a book about every Simpsons video game ever made. With detailed critiques from me as a longtime writer and game industry veteran, as well as collected insights from the original creators, it's the most complete look at every Simpsons video game ever made!
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