A short history of Simpsons games on Nintendo Game Boy 18 Apr 2019
April marks the 30th anniversary of the original Nintendo Game Boy, so I thought it might be fun to look over the history of Simpsons games on the platform! You're sure to think, "huh, that's more games than I thought."

A Dream Fulfilled 01 Dec 2017
My longtime goal was to work on a video game based on The Simpsons. It began during college, when I studied graphic design and wrote video game guides on the side, including guides for the many Simpsons games released since the show began in 1989. I was already a fan of the show, but this led to an appreciation for the license and the potential that a great Simpsons game could have.

The Simpsons Game Launch Party 31 Oct 2007
Fun fact: I was there! Along with members of the NoHomers fan forum for The Simpsons who were all invited by EA to fly down to Los Angeles for the party. Join me on a drunken journey that ends with meeting Matt Groening himself.

Bring Back the Classics 01 Apr 2006
Acclaim was once a giant among video game publishers. Founded in 1987, the game publisher and developer became most noted for developing games based on a few original properties (such as Turok) and a plethora of games based on existing entertainment franchises including WWF Wrestling, South Park, and of course our beloved Simpsons.

The Ball Is In EA's Court 01 Nov 2005
I'll merely mention the fact that I'm a big fan of The Simpsons television show. It's fairly obvious. Beyond that, however, I admire the resilience and potential of the IP. Any license that could be as pimped out as The Simpsons was in the early 90s and still sell products today is something for any business man to admire. Not that I'm a business man nor do I desire to become one, but having worked among them for some time has given me a sense for that side of the biz.

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