The Ball Is In EA's Court 01 Nov 2005
I'll merely mention the fact that I'm a big fan of The Simpsons television show. It's fairly obvious. Beyond that, however, I admire the resilience and potential of the IP. Any license that could be as pimped out as The Simpsons was in the early 90s and still sell products today is something for any business man to admire. Not that I'm a business man nor do I desire to become one, but having worked among them for some time has given me a sense for that side of the biz.

Now we move into the video games sector. Simpsons games have steadily streamed into the market since the show started and save for a few memorable games the majority have been rated from average to lame. However in 2001 Radical Entertainment reinvigorated the license with Simpsons Road Rage, and then Simpsons Hit & Run in 2003. They, for lack of a better phrase, saved the day. And Simpsons Hit & Run in turn put the developer on the map. When VU Games purchased the development studio the two companies seemed poised to continue developing great Simpsons games, or at least a guarenteed hit with a sequel to Hit & Run. I and other Simpsons game fans waited for word that another game was officially in development, but it never came.

With that said I'll enlighten anyone who hasn't heard the news: EA, mega game publisher based in the San Francisco Bay area, signed a deal with FOX to develop several games based on the The Simpsons. While it's good to hear that The Simpsons will continue on following the post-Hit & Run silence, EA's track record with Simpsons games (the mediocre to bad Simpsons Skateboarding and the average to excellent Simpsons Road Rage) is up in the air. I suppose the point of this nonsense is a message to EA:

Dear EA,

I'll be first in line to fork over the green and buy any Simpsons game you release, so do not screw me over with a crappy title.


P.S.: How's about we get fully playable versionsof Larry the Looter or Escape from Death Row?

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