Super Slugfest (AKA Video Boxing)
First Appearance: 1991
Platforms: Arcade, Home Console
# of Players: 1-2

Boxing, Simpsons style. You play as either the bald guy or the spikey head guy, and have to bash the brains out of your opponent. Try and finish off the loser by using the super uppercut.

This game first appeared in the Moaning Lisa episode (7G06). Later on Fox Interactive put it in Virtual Springfield as a playable game at the Noiseland Arcade. It's pretty basic, but ya have to wonder why Homer lost so many times...

Escape from Grandma's House
First Appearance: 1990
Platforms: Arcade
# of Players: 1

Oh no, not grandma... Your parents might have forced you to visit your grandma, but that doesn't mean you have to stay! Try and escape, but beware the kiss of death!!!

Right, so this game was never released as a playable game, but you can watch the game in action in Bart Gets An F (7F03) at the Noiseland Arcade.

Larry the Looter
First Appearance: 1992
Platforms: Arcade
# of Players: 1

You are Larry the Looter. You have to make your way through the mean streets of Crime Town and steal as much stuff as possible. Beware the angry shopkeeps and their loaded shotguns.

This game made it's first appearance in Radio Bart (8F11) at the Wall E. Weasel's. Later on it was added as a playable game at the Virtual Springfield Noiseland Arcade.

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