Friggin' finally. 11 Jun 2002
The guide for Virtual Bart in the Super Nintendo section is finally complete.

A little bit here, a little bit there... 10 Jun 2002
To start off you might have noticed that little poll I placed at the top of the page. It's just my way to find out which Simpsons game is the best of all time. I put the Simpsons Skateboarding in there, so feel free to wait until that game comes out if you think you'll end up voting for it. Also, for multiple platform games like Bart vs the Space Mutants and Krusty's Fun House, I only included them once. It's the same thing.

I also added some new info and screenshots for the Simpsons Skateboarding in the Playstation 2 section.

Virtual update. 05 Jun 2002
The game guide for Virtual Bart in the Super Nintendo section has been updated.

The Horror... THE HORROR... 03 Jun 2002
...screenshots that is. I added 27 screenshots for The Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror in the Gameboy section.

This is the last time, really. 01 Jun 2002
I made the site's design a whole lot simpler. It'll probably be the last major change I make. Expect a whole lot of screenshots, reviews, and a few new game guides and walkthroughs from me this Summer. Until next time...BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Voila, it is zee Cartoon Studio! 30 May 2002
I was wondering whether or not I should include the Simpsons Cartoon Studio as a video game... Eh, why the hell not. I went ahead and added the Simpsons Cartoon Studio to the DOS/Windows section.

More old and Krusty codes. 29 May 2002
I added the codes for the Master System version of Krusty's Fun House.

Some oldies, some goodies, and new stuff. 22 May 2002
Added some new info for the Simpsons Arcade and the Simpsons Pinball in the Arcade section.

There's also talk of a new Simpsons pinball game that'll probably be released by the end of year. There's a sketch of the playfield HERE, and also some info for it in the Arcade section.

A few minor things... 20 May 2002
I changed the left navigation thing, nothing major. Oh, and Simpsons Skateboarding is set to be released this summer, not October. Woo hoo!!!

FINALLY!!! 17 May 2002
I finally found some information for The Simpsons Skateboarding at Electronic Arts UK. You can read the article and see some screenshots HERE.

Updates to some codes... 16 May 2002
Before I begin... STAR WARS OPENED TODAY!!! Damn school kept me from going in the morning, but you better believe I'll be there tonight. Nothing like a good Star Wars film followed up by some good ol' Star Wars-related public drunkeness...

I updated the codes for the Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo Krusty games.

Damn EA did it again... 15 May 2002
The Simpsons Skateboarding was announced on the back cover of the PS2 manual for a Spring 2002 release. I waited, and no Simpsons Skateboarding.

Then I saw a whole bunch of sites with July release dates, and I figured I could wait. But now, apparently, the date has been pushed all the way to October 1!!! This is ridiculous. EA has yet to make any kind of official announcement about anything in the game, not even a release date. Damn, damn, damn...

Anyway I updated the info for Simpsons Skateboarding in the Playstation 2 section, and I put the older updates into an Archives file at the bottom of the page. Laterz...

Give Krusty something, damnit... 11 May 2002
Added codes for the Game Gear, Genesis, and Super Nintendo Krusty games.

Weirdness at last... 06 May 2002
Added some special info for Bart's House of Weirdness in the DOS/Windows section.

More of them thar codes... 01 May 2002
Added some more codes.

DOS/Windows - Virtual Springfield

Gameboy - Escape from Camp Deadly

Playstation - Simpsons Wrestling

Playstation 2 - Road Rage

Xbox - Road Rage

I don't know where the hell my mind was... 01 May 2002
Today I realized that I haven't added one of the most important elements of a video game site, CODES! I hope I'm not tarred and feathered...

Anyway, I plan to add codes for every game that has 'em. Today I added codes for:


Bart and the Beanstalk
Itchy and Scratchy in Mini Golf Madness
Night of the Living Tree House of Horror
Road Rage


Bart vs the Space Mutants
Bart vs the World
Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

Super Nintendo

Bart's Nightmare
Virtual Bart

My opinion on mutants and virtual Barts... 29 Apr 2002
The reviews for Bart vs the Space Mutants and Virtual Bart are up in the DOS/Windows, Game Gear, Genesis, Master System, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo sections.

Following in Tony Hawk's footsteps... 28 Apr 2002
I added the advertisement for The Simpsons Skateboarding in the Playstation 2 section. This image could only be found on the back cover of the manual for The Simpsons Road Rage, for those of you that were looking for it.

Bart gets his own collection, and the reviews begin... 25 Apr 2002
Hoorah! Today I start my reviews of the games. So far I got the review for Bart vs the World in the Nintendo and Game Gear sections.

I also added Bart's Collection to the site. It's basically a list of all the video games that have appeared in the Simpsons show. I don't have all the games up yet (screenshots are hard to get), but I have a few of the games and a text list of ALL the games.

First update 21 Apr 2002
So it begins...I finally got some good tips and advice from the good folks at The Simpsons 100, and I've managed to set up a semi-decent design. It's better than the last one at least...

There's no content to update for the time being, but all the basic info is there if any of you want to look around. Laterz...

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